Customer Registration Solution for venues NOW AVAILABLE!

Your digital partner in the pandemic

Using a symbol that's as unique as you are, helps you get back to your personal and professional life safely.

Globally, we’re all keen to understand how best to navigate the new normal. Relief and excitement from the easing of restrictions is tinged with fear and anxiety.

That's why we've created; because with the right tools we can be confident we are playing our part in boosting the economy, while not being a risk to those around us. Our aim is to spread confidence and health, not fear and illness.

It all starts with the world’s first AI-generated symbol — the Me symbol, that’s as unique as you are and yours to keep for life; it's your partner for the pandemic and beyond.

Validate your health test results and current health status

Share your data securely and at safe distance with those nearby

Use your Me symbol to prove you’re safe to get back to work and society

Give you and those around you peace of mind and confidence

Our mission is to get people back to their personal and professional lives, safely and responsibly. Because ‘good for the economy’ should also mean ‘good for the community’.

Customer Registration Solution for venues NOW AVAILABLE!

Be a leader in social responsibility

Drive positive change for your customers and employees with Me, a digital health verification tool for your business.

The safer way to do ‘business as usual’ is designed to keep your buildings and staff safe by bringing biometric intelligence into your everyday operations. Track who’s been in your building, and verify business-critical visitor and employee health data all in one place. Getting started couldn’t be simpler:

See your visitors’ latest temperature and health test information

View data about your employees and their health status

See who’s been refused entry to your building and why

Our mission is to get people back to work, safely and responsibly. Because “good for business” should also mean “good for the community”.

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